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 Welcome to Social Heart Community Interest Company Business Support


 Helping Passionate People Develop Heartfelt Business™


Do you need business support – business, social enterprise, or community organisation advise, mentoring, or coaching?

 From setting up your business, incorporating, starting trading, to growing your organisation, Social Heart can support you.

We are small business and community sector specialists, we’ll show you ‘how to’ set up and/or grow your business or organisation in a practical way that works for you, or help you or your organisation understand more about what it means to be a social business.

How do I know if I need Business Support, Advice or Coaching?

What is Business Support, Advice and Coaching?

Business Support, Advice and Coaching provides you with guidance, recommendations, a second opinion, someone to discuss your ideas with, someone to be accountable to and who will give you constructive feedback. It stops you feeling all alone and provides you with someone to help answer all those "how do I" business questions that could otherwise hold you back, or if not dealt with lead to your business failing. 

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How Do I Know if Business Support, Advice and Coaching and is Right for Me?

Business support, advice and coaching will help you work out if your business idea has legs and/or take your business to the next level.

We will assist and guide you to clarify your business vision, set clear manageable objectives, help you to conduct market research, plan your business strategies, set up and analyse financial forecasts, identify which legal form fits your business model best,  help identify and establish your brand, market your business and make sales and how your business ideas fit in with their personal goals and home life and more.

We are passionate about supporting you to get you and your business where you want it to be and beyond.

We are never going to second guess what you're capable of as everyone is unique.

We want the very best for you, so you can be the very best at what you do.

Here's a list of many of the areas we can help you with, through one to one direct support or online training and courses:

  • How to start, or grow your Social Enterprise or Small Business
  • Start up capital and funding
  • Setting up your bank account
  • Setting personal and business goals
  • Market research and planning – made easy
  • Overcoming fear, building confidence, making things happen
  • Working smarter and reducing overwhelm
  • Identifying and attracting your ideal client
  • Core and social values
  • Incorporating your business
  • What legal things you need to know
  • Legal structures – how they can protect and support your business
  • What social media is best and how to use it
  • Working out when you’re likely to make money
  • Setting up a website and branding
  • Delivering products and services online
  • Educational talks and public speaking
  • How much to charge for your services and products
  • How to take payments online
  • How much free stuff to give away
  • Business, marketing and financial planning
  • Intellectual property – trade marks, copyright and patents
  • Insurance and all things health and safety
  • Basic book keeping and finding and benefitting from an accountant
  • Building an audience, writing effective marketing copy
  • Monitoring, quality and evaluation
  • Trading and growth funding
  • Social return on investment
  • Recruiting and managing staff and volunteers
  • Setting up effective processes and procedures
  • Group facilitation and help with those ‘difficult to have’ meetings
  • Roles and Responsibilities for Trustee Boards and Directors
  • Money Mindset for Entrepreneurs and Charities
  • Or something that’s not even mentioned here…….


Do You Work with Charities and Statutory Organisations as well as Individuals and Companies?

Social Heart CIC works with Charities as well as start up's, small sized businesses, satutory organisations and social enterprises.

We can help you with:

  • Preparing to set up a Charity
  • Charitable Purpose (charitable objectives)
  • Charity Legal Structure and what it means, and
  • Help to decide if a Charity is the only option or could you achieve the same under a different organisation
  • Finding and recruiting new Trustees
  • Trustee skills audit
  • Roles and responsibilities of Trustees
  • Good Governance in Charities, which is fundamental to Charity success as it ensures compliance with the law and legislation.
  • Facilitation to cement clarity of vision
  • Developing a Charity Business Plan
  • Financial forecasting and budgeting
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of a Charity
  • Developing a subsidiary trading arm
  • And more.....



Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services and facilitation?

Social Heart CIC offers professional advice relating to setting up as a Sole Trader, Incorporating a Limited Company, or Community Interest Company, or registering as  a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and much more. More information within About Me. 

Do You Help Business Startup?

Social Heart CIC would love to help you build your dream business. We will work with you in a holistic way, ensuring that you business is built to meet your needs and lifestyle. We will show you 'the how',  ensuring you fully understand everything you need to know to set up your business in an easy to follow way. 

Do you support Self Employed (Sole Traders)

Social Heart CIC can help you set up as self employed (a sole trader) and assist with helping you register with HMRC.

Within our social mission we aim to support those furthest away from the job market to consider self-employment as an option and we often have grant funded support projects to deliver a range of free services, subject to eligibility and availability. If you are unemployed or not working, please get in touch by booking a clarity call.

Setting up a Business, Social Enterprise or Charity

More and more people are looking to work for themselves, but you may be wondering is it the the right time In these troubled times with the Covid pandemic having changed the world in ways we could never have imagined, the economy on a downturn, unemployment increasing and the environment also in trouble it probably seems like now has to be the wrong time.


There is never a better time than now to reshape and build your future. It is a time of opportunity, time to move away from things that don’t work for you and tune in to your inner self, to engage in something that will make you feel alive and following your hopes and dreams.

There is no mistaking the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges ahead for us all, but how much better will you feel if you take control of what you can change and be part of the solution to make the world a better place by offering products and services you know your customers will need and can afford.



If you feel ready to take a leap of faith to a brighter future we can help you. We offer a bespoke specially designed service to ensure what ever stage you're at you will progress at the speed and direction that is right for you.

We are passionate about what we do, we thrive on helping people like you follow your dreams and aspirations and help you gain that financial stability and lifestyle you have always dreamt about, for you and your family.   

Your passion will become our passion and nothing will make us happier than to see you succeed in developing your business or charity and watching you grow in confidence. We will help you gain business, social enterprise or charity skills and experience you need to be successful, so you avoid overwhelm when things start to get busy.

We will also be able to connect you with other like-minded heartfelt entrepreneurs and increase your business connections through out friendly business networks and group training sessions.


We offer a variety of services which are packaged together to suit your individual needs.

We understand how difficult it is to find the start-up funds for business support when you're just starting out, so to reflect this we have a range of packages to suit most  budgets. Please book a clarity call to discuss how we may be able to help you. 

Funded Business Support Programmes and Projects

We regularly have funded support programmes and projects, so if you are unemployed or economically inactive (not working) and want to start your own business or social enterprise, please get in touch to see how we may be able to help.


We want you to enjoy working with us, likewise us with you and we also want you to benefit 100% from the services we offer.

We will explore your business ideas and listen to your needs.

We don't see any business idea as a bad idea, we will sensitively encourage you to share your vision with us so we can help you develop your ideas into a structured action/business plan.

We use financial figures to test your ideas to make sure they are viable and sustainable - acurate figures don't lie so they are a useful tool. Even if you hate figures and working with spreadsheets we can show you 'how' to work out if your business is financially viable using our tried and tested techniques and business templates.

We won't pressure you to take your business in a direction you feel uncomfortable with, although we do like to play devils advocate to make sure you are fully committed to your ideas and understand the decisions you will be making and the potential outcomes. We are friendly devils so there is no need for any alarm or any apprehension.



A typical clients support package may look something like this, but we can be flexible to suit your needs:

  • We can help you by offering holistic one to one and/or group support sessions in a safe and supportive environment that suits you.
  • We start your support with a free half hour phone call where you will be able to discuss your business ideas, what you are trying to achieve and any struggles or concerns you may be having.
  • We will talk through with you the support options we can offer and what it will cost you. We can also explore if you are eligible for any of our free support programmes, subject to grant funding being availability.  
  • Your first appointment will be for two hours, where we will explore in more detail your vision and business idea, or your business development needs. At the end you will have a plan of action and some clear business goals to develop.
  • You can then book further support appointments and pay as you go, or benefit from buying a bespoke support bundle, which usually works out cheaper depending on your circumstances.

Business News & Resources

1. Building Your Business Victorious Project - Free Business & Social Enterprise Start-Up Support

Free Business and Social Enterprise Start-Up Support

Direct support to help you set up your own business or social enterprise

Subject to funding, eligibility and availability

2. Building Sustainable Enterprise Project - Free Business Support for Existing Social Enterprises, Charities and Community Groups

Free Social Enterprise, Charity and Community Group Business Support

Direct support to small, early years organisatons to help support sustainability during these troubled times

Subject to funding, eligibility and availability