Building Your Business Victorious Project 

Building Sustainable Enterprise Project

1. Building Your Business Victorious Project

If this sounds like it might be for you, why not contact us to find out about:
  • Our Free Business Start-Up Support Project and how we can help you build a new future
  • How your business can have a community focus that benefits everyone during these difficult times.


This project is available to those who are 16+, unemployed or economically inactive (not working), or in full-time education who live or want to set up their business in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, subject to availability and evidence criteria being met.

For example, you may be:

  • A parent who is not working and looking to find a flexible income stream which fits in with family life
  • Retired and need additional income or interest
  • In receipt of benefits and struggling to survive financially
  • Short or Long-term unemployed
  • Not working due to life and work limiting mental and physical health conditions and require flexible working conditions
  • Ex-service personell and looking for new horizons within civvy street
  • Not be working  and looking to do something new
  • Redundant from your previous employer

If you are not working and interested in persuing a business, get in touch. If self-employment turns out not to be suitable for you, we will support you to get help with finding employment.


  • Have you ever thought of setting up your own business or social enterprise?
  • Has the Covid Pandemic made you re-evaluate your future? 
  • Have you been made redundant and not sure what to do next?
  • Do you need extra income, or require flexibility when you work?
  • Are you not working, registered unemployed or long-term out of work?

Programme Content Details

Feedback From Participants

Let me begin by saying that whatever your personal, financial, mental or emotional state, or indeed your current skills/experience in starting or running a business, you WILL benefit from enrolling in this course.
I came to it having been referred by my counsellor while receiving therapy for long term clinical depression and social anxiety issues so if I can complete this course, anyone can.
I urge you at the very least to try.
Nicky, in my opinion, is a ‘one of a kind’ facilitator because she has not only managed to put together the perfect starter package to get your business idea off the ground she’s done it in such a supportive and encouraging way as to make you feel not only validated professionally but also personally.
There are weekly meetings to attend (via Zoom under the current Covid restrictions) and tasks to complete but you will never be pressured into participating in these with the caveat that you will DEFINITELY get more out of the experience if you do. And trust me when I say it’s not as scary as it sounds.
Nicky has a passion for promoting a business model based on doing what you love and has the skill, patience, understanding and empathy to make it feel as though the entire course was tailored to YOUR needs and YOUR ideas and never feels like a ‘one size fits all’ solution.
It’s rare these days to find someone with the ability to ‘see’ someone else’s vision and, through encouragement, support and warmth, help you deliver it and make it real.
Thank you Nicky for not only choosing to help people realise their dreams in this way but also for being just an all round smasher of a person.

Participant Number 15817

Feedback From Participants

This programme and being coached and advised by Nicky Kent has helped me progress significantly in my business journey. Nicky was instrumental in navigating through the incorporation process of my Community Interest Company (CIC) and her support throughout has been very valuable. I would recommend both Nicky and Building Your Business Victorious to others.

Participant Number 15538

The Building Business Victorious Programme has given me focus, it’s turned my idea from ‘I want to this’ to ‘I am doing this’

Participant Number 15832

This course has been fundamental in me being able to focus and order my actions to set strong foundations for my new business. I’ve been able to achieve far more than I expected as a result of the workshops and guidance from Nicky. I’m delighted I’ve been able to start trading so quickly after starting the course, and am excited for the future. Huge thanks.

Participant Number 15818

This course has been incredibly valuable to me and I am so happy I was given the chance to be a student on the course.

I have made some friends and feel so much happier in my business and personal life.

Nicky has been a wonderful teacher and I feel so grateful to have met her. She has helped me a lot over the length of the course and has made sure that I’m ready for anything now that the course is done.

Participant Number 15503

Feedback From Participants

The Programme is very good, and it is particularly useful for people who haven’t taken business courses and don’t have the experience of running a business.

Nicky is very knowledgeable about the different business types, and what’s needed to start up various types of business and the order to get things done in. She also passed a lot of information to participants through the weekly workshops and provided personalised one-to-one advice for each participants business.

The group is very supportive and friendly and everyone is very positive towards each other.

Participant Number 16052

One of my short term successes was having the confidence to go with my idea and the knowledge and understanding of how a business should run. I was also able to build friendships and business relationships with other on the programme.

Can’t believe it’s all done, learned so much and thanks to Nicky’s help I have a foundation to grow my Community Interest Company.

Participant Number 15637

Project 1. Funders

Commencing November 2020

2. Building Sustainable Enterprise Project

If this sounds like it might be for you, why not contact us to find out more about:
  •  Our Free Building Sustainable Enterprise Support Project and how we can help you build a new future


Our FREE specialist business support can help if you’ve been operating between one to three years, and you:

  • fall outside the scope of all Government covid 19 pandemic business and financial support packages
  • are based in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin
  • have an income of less than £25,000 per annum  

Support is subject to availability and evidence criteria being met.

Social Heart CIC may have some discretion regarding eligibility criteria. Acceptance which will be considered after discussing your organisations individual circumstances, the target groups you work with and will be subject to enrolment numbers and funding availability at the time of application. 

The types of organisations who should apply: A social enterprise or charity who started in business shortly before the start of the Covid 19 pandemic

  • A community group that has supported the community during Covid 19 and now need a formal legal structure to continue your work
  • A CEO or Director (or small board) feeling isolated and overwhelmed due to the increasing workload or difficult decisions that need to be made
  • A CEO or Director (or small board) struggling to adapt your products or services or looking at other financial options during these difficult times
  • A CEO or Director (or small board) looking to recruit your first members of staff or thinking of making those you have redundant
  • Social Enterprise or Charities who have fallen outside the scope of any of the Government funded support schemes, eg Furlough Scheme, business rates scheme, etc

Programme Content Details

    • Has your Social Enterprise or Charity income significantly dropped due to Covid 19 pandemic?
    • Are you about to make staff redundant or need to recruit?
    • Are you struggling to adapt the products/services you offer?
    • Are you a Director or CEO feeling overwhelmed and isolated as a leader?
    • Are you feeling exhausted by the demand on services and need support to help adapt?
    • Are you a community group leader needing to change your legal structure to be able to continue offering services


Project 2. Funders

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